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PIK TV Apple TV App unable to log in on Telus Fibre Wifi

Just Moved In

I recently got Pik TV and have so far been unable to login to the app either with Apple TV provider single sign on or app on my home Telus Wifi. 


I am running the telus router with telus default settings.  


I discovered while troubleshooting that if I connected the apple tv to my fido cell phone through the hotspot it would login to the app. I could then disconnect from the hotspot and reconnect to the wifi and the app continues to function correctly.  


The issue is that the app checks the login at least once a day and when that happens the app then refuses to move past the pik tv splash loading screen. 


I have uninstalled the app and reset the apple tv. I am running no other network equipment.   The IOS app is behaving in the same way refusing to login in on  Telus Wifi but working fine with on LTE.


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @unhappyteluscustomer 


I think this problem is related to a bug with Apple's Zero Sign On. The workaround right now, if prompted for your TV provider during the reset/install process, is to select ‘Do not allow’. 


If your Apple TV is already set up and you're having trouble with the Pik TV app, go to the Apple TV Home Screen, then navigate to Settings -> Users and Accounts -> Apple TV Accounts -> TV Provider -> Sign Out