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Just Moved In

Chromecast is overriding PIK TV signal. need to push pik tv button on remote to return to tv feed but this only works for a minute or so before Chromecast overrides the signal again.  this is a new problem as I have been a PIK tv subscriber for 6 months+.  any suggestions?



How are the Chromecast and Pik devices hooked up to your TV? What model is the TV?

Helpful Neighbour

For the correct answer you would need to be a bit more detailed in your description of what your set-up is.   If you are talking about the chromecast built into the android Telus Pik TV box then the solution often it "reboot" the box; the generic solutions to many android connectivity issues (no picture but sound etc. etc.).

In the past, I have seen a problem with the screensaver popping up unexpectedly while I’m watching Pik TV (it says “Chromecast built in” at the bottom). If rebooting doesn’t fix it, check if there are app updates available (in Google Play Store, Amy Apps).

In last resort, do a factory reset in Settings > Storage & reset, but make sure you remember your Pik TV password to login after...

Definitive solution:
1. Press G button for main manu
2. Open Settings
3. Open "About"
4. Navigate until selecting "Build"
5. Hit "OK" button multiple times until you see a message telling you are now a "developer"
6. Navigate back to the main settings page ans scroll down until you find "{ } Developer Options" and open it
7. Enable the second switch: "Stay Awake"
8. Done enjoy your Pik TV without interruptions.

Bonus: to improve the TV box overall performance...
1. Go to the same "Developer Options" menu and scroll down until "Apps" section.
2. Enable "Don't keep activities"
3. Open "Background process limit" and select "No background process"

Now you will see a much better performance.