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PIK App User Experience Lacking...


In my opinion the PIk APP has some user experience problems.  Here are just a few off the top of my head.  Feel free to add to this list with the hopes that someone at Telus actually cares about these forums.


1. Guide brings up only what's on now.  This is a step back from cable boxes which show you the whats coming up screen immediately.  99/100 times I press guide to see what's available next so for me that is guide + right arrow key 99/100.


2. On demand automatically plays next in line episode when clicking ok on a title.  Horrible that I have to remember to press info instead of ok when selecting box art.  The whole point of on demand is at your leisure and this experience is designed for users who are up to date?


3. Why show locked on demand content at all?  This service is about choice and I know very well what channels I chose and didn't, so in the on demand channels don't show me the locked channels I don't subscribe to.  Also channel up down allows me to cycle to channels I don't subscribe to?  Terrible.


This box could be amazing but it needs some improvements/commitment from Telus.  Look at how your US counterparts are handling these types of services (Sling, Hulu, etc).  Telus needs to improve if they want this service to have any longevity with customers.  Little frustrations added up make the service questionable right now.  I early adopted in the hopes that we can have some influence on the direction of the service, but we need some updates/info from Telus here.  Where is this service going?  Are you just trying to cash in from the Net TV buzz?  You will lose subscribers sooner rather than later.  I suggest some community interaction from Telus reps on these forums.  Don't get me wrong, I want the service to succeed, but it needs to get better and Telus needs to step up with better customer engagement.


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

1. I was looking on my box and if you hit guide the first thing you see is whats on now but if you hit the right arrow you can see future time and the guide expands. Hope that helps


2. This is my largest issue with the PIK TV service, it is not intuitive at all. When i see a title and click ok I expect To see details of the movie or see details of available episodes. Having to click the info button is very confusing especially when switching back and forth from other apps and this one. If anything were changed on the PIK TV service i would recommend this being changed.


3. Correct me if I'm wrong but if you click on the free tv then you will only see what you pay for, and if you choose subscribed in the guide you will see only what you pay for. 

    - one isssue i have noticed is that when i go to channels i dotn see the local stations like global or ctv etc.



Keep up the input, I'm sure someone from the TELUS PIK TV team is watching this forum and adapting for the better.



I would like to add a suggestion, I have experience a few of the us counterparts and when looking at the episodes available a picture of one of a scene from the show is displayed, this makes it much easier to figure out what episodes you have seen or want to watch.