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Official NHL app on PikTV Andriod box - Cannot connect to Rogers NHL sub


Hey all,

Using the PikTV andriod box, they released an official andriod NHL app. In the desciption, it talks about Rogers customers, etc. So you would think you could login and watch using your Rogers NHL sub. Nu-uh.

The NHL app on this PikTV box, only has an option for login, which is different. I knew contacting Rogers wouldn't work out, but I did. No luck.
I've had success on Roku boxes that specifically have an option to select a login for Rogers or
I've had success on Mobile Andriod app and casting, etc.
I've had success casting from Laptop, direct to TV.

I use to sideload the APK for NHL, but it was pretty poor and hard to navigate (it is for mobile after all)

After researching I haven't seen a topic on this specific to Piktv box, so I am creating this.

Any ideas? Thanks 🙂



NHL app isn’t supported on the Android TV platform. Even if you had a Rogers subscription it still won’t work.

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Are you describing the NHL App by BamTech? If so, it is an Android TV App, not a Telus App. Just because a developer has released their product to run on Android TV or even the PikTV device, does not mean Telus has had any involvement in the release.


There are a number of add-ons to the App including NHL Premium (Not available in Canada) and Rogers NHL Live (Available Canada). It is very possible that either Rogers has not licensed their product to Telus or BamTech, or Telus or BamTech has chosen not to license the Rogers NHL Live stream from Rogers.


I assume you are accessing the Rogers NHL Live on Roku, on Android Apps and Laptop by using  Rogers-supplied credentials? It may well be that Rogers keeps the NHL Live for their own customers, much as Shaw does their 'Open' Wi-Fi.




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I am aware that it is Official NHL app supplied via the Play store and not Telus. I suppose I should be more direct in my question for future readers.


Has anyone with a Rogers NHL subscription been able to login using the NHL app via the PikTV device?

NHL app isn’t supported on the Android TV platform. Even if you had a Rogers subscription it still won’t work.

I received an email from Rogers yesterday (Jan 26th 2019) saying the app was now available for android TV.  However, like the original poster I've not been able to sign in with my Rogers credentials.  

two weeks later & I still can't sign in with my rogers credentials.  Thank goodness I have a Roku!


Any other Rogers NHL Live customers able to sign in on the Telus Android box?

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Rogers not playing nice as usual..