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Number of simultaneous devices?


With the ability to load the app on tablets, smart phones, and the Pik box itself, many people will want to use more than one at a time.


How many devices can be using the same account at the same time?


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

@Roger_H at launch 2 simultaneous streams and we're looking to expand that in the future

@melissaj Does that include the Pik TV box? or only the other devices? because earlier today I tried 2 phones plus the Pik TV box (total of 3 streams) and it worked fine.

@Roger_H were you playing content on all 3 devices at the same time? the app will allow you to log in to more than 2 devices but should block playback on the 3rd device. Navigation of the app is not blocked.

@deniseyoung I had video playing on all 3 devices simultaneously (though only for a minute just to see what it would do)