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No On demand content with PikTV?

So apparently subscriptions to premium channels like HBO, Sportsnet/TSN through PikTV does NOT allow the user to access any content outside of the PikTV App such as on demand services like HBOGO, SN-NOW, TSN GO. Attempting to access this content (being an actual paying customer) has resulted in authentication issues using PikTV account info. Every website contains a link to a tv provider to sign in with, however the TELUS link leads you to the Optik TV login page in which your PikTV information is not accepted
This is absolutely perplexing to me as accessing on demand content is literally the sole reason Many people subscription to these channels. Why would anyone pay to subscribe to Crave/HBO package through PikTV for $20/month - which would only get you the restricted ability to watch those channels tv through PikTV app, when someone can access the entire on demand library, extra special content, including what is on live tv channels all for LESS through a subscription with Crave directly! - for $19.38/month. Of course one could do that easily.
My real issue though is that there are other channels such as TSN and SN that only allow current TV subscribers to access their online content, without the ability to purchase access at a reasonable cost indepentantly. For example SN NOW costs $20/mth alone.

SO if I wanted to unlock all the features I would have to purchase the premium sports package for $14/mth and buy subscriptions to SNNOW and TSNGO in addition which is like multiple times for the same content just to be able to access it on different devices! An optik tv customer can purchase the same sports package for the same price which gives them access to online content.

This is a major flaw and any customer remotely knowledgeable should realize that PikTV channels cost the same as anywhere else but provide significantly less content, and with poorer quality video. Honestly, one could watch any HBO show or live sports matches by accessing a ‘free online stream’ -all at better quality, with less hassle.


I would also like to be able to access Sportsnet NOW (and other services) using my Pik account. site is so stuttery, it's impossible to watch fast paced action like hockey without having a seizure. Being able to use my PIk account to access the web version of SN NOW would more than likely alleviate this issue.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @EdmontonGuy22


Thanks for sharing your frustration. We have heard this feedback from customers and we are working hard to improve the experience. In the meantime, I have a few notes that should help you out:


1. Pik subscribers get access to ALL of the On Demand content that our providers enable, but it's currently only available with the Pik TV app.  In the Pik TV app, navigate to the 'On Demand' menu, and select 'Channels'. From there, select Crave. You get the Crave + Movies + HBO On Demand catalogue as well as the live channels - the same as what provides.  

2. We are enabling Pik TV credentials to log into 3rd part apps such as the Crave app and TSN Front Row. Currently this is a feature that is only available to Optik customers, but it will be available to Pik customers very soon. Stay tuned for an update! In the meantime, the price of the Sports Pack on Pik ($14) is about 1/3 of what you'd pay for TSN Direct and SN Now ($20 each).

3. We are working to improve the browser experience - but if you have the opportunity to try the Pik app on Apple TV - this is a far superior TV experience.   

Any ETA on access to third party apps?  I'm using an AppleTV box, and a good half of the on-demand stuff is un-watchable via the PIK app.  I'd really like to use the Global and Crave apps that come pre-installed on the AppleTV box to view content Pik is having trouble with, especially Crave+HBO+Movies to which I'm subscribed via PikTV.  The global app would just be nice to catch the news while Global live is still down.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus won't provide an ETA on anything they are working on. They will announce when it's available though.

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