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Netflix kicks out like you pressed stop!

This is really annoying and happens at least 3 times in an hour long show. You just have to press play to start it again so it isn’t a full shut down.
I am on a wired connection so can’t be a wifi issue.
Getting very frustrated!

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Telus is aware of, and working on a number of issues with PikTV. Hopefully your experience is being addressed with them. A number of folks have reported needing to reset or reboot, so it is high on Telus’ radar.



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Telus when are you going to fix this problem? Have tried the following to no avail:


  • Reset box
  • Updated PikTV
  • Not updated PikTV
  • Run old netflix
  • Run updated netflix
  • Disbled pikTV app

No matter what, Netflix STILL crashes.

I tried all the things that Pizoahn tried. Still nothing works!

I have no fix for this but just wanted to add that I am having the same problem with this box and it is not limited to the Netflix app. Does your also fully reboot as well or just crash Netflix app?

It fully reboots. I get a screen of static while the sound plays for about 1-2 seconds and then the entire box reboots.

After several calls to tech support they are replacing my box. I have serious doubts that this will fix the problem but I hope to be surprised.

I was having the same issue so they sent not one but two replacement boxes. None of them solved the problem and I am back to where I started. I agree with previous posters. We are testing a beta app for Telus and nothing more. This whole experience has been nothing short of extremely frustrating.

I'm also having the same issue on my two boxes. Even after factory reset, when watching Netflix, it goes randomly freezes on grey/red static whilst audio plays for another few seconds before the whole Pik box reboots. This wasn't an issue before, I surmise its related to Nougat? How did this even past testing Telus?

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I have never encountered that kind of crash with my Pik TV box. There is likely some unique set of conditions that have to be met for that specific crash to trigger. I've had Netflix stop after a while but it's quite infrequent.


What I'd recommend, is per Netflix's instructions to contact them.


All Other Set-top Boxes or Streaming Media Players

When does Netflix crash or close?

> When you launch the app
> When you try to play a TV show or movie

> When you try to select a profile

> When you try to exit the app

> At any other time

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The solution to the netflix red/gray static issue with freeze/audio and then reboot is to roll back to the last version of Netflix build 2424. The latest build 2440 is causing this issue. As to whether this is Telus or Netflix as the root cause, it's up to them to figure it out.


If you don't want to install from an unknown source like, then just uninstall the update and it will revert back to the embedded ROM version build 1965.

Sorry, jumped the gun, build 2424 also crashes. Will try an even earlier build later.

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I run 2440 without issue on my PikTV device. I also never leave any apps running in the background and close everything out.

whats your OS version for Android?

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We’ve had Pik Tv for almost a year now but this problem has just started a week ago. After watching YouTube for about 5 or 10 minutes, it cuts out and returns to Pik Tv. Why has this problem suddenly started and what can I do to fix it?

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I'm having the same issue. Even after receiving a new Pik Tv Box, Netflix stops after about 10 mins. Youtube stops occasionally, but I see the loading circles then it resumes...seems like a brief loss of connectivity.

There is a software bug that was introduced with the latest app update. Nothing is wrong with your PikTV box.

You can uninstall the previous (PikTV) app update and the 3rd party app conflict goes away. A new update should be coming shortly, as Telus acknowledged the issue.


What role do you play in this announcement?  You sound very official in your instructions.  But if there's a bug in the update that makes the product almost unusable why isn't Telus rolling it back?  

And unless I'm mistaken if you uninstall an update without also turning off auto-update for the app it will just reapply the broken update.  And if you turn off auto-update you'll miss the fix when and if it ever gets released.

Telus, is this really how you handle update releases?


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I haven’t announced anything @dru has not already stated. Due to the severity of the bug you can assume it’s a priority to fix. Normally it seems the PikTV app is updated every few months otherwise.

An end user can rollback an update as it’s software. Just like any OS platform the end user is responsible to do it. It’s a quick temp fix, till a new release is posted. Telus always has been posting on the forums once a new release is out.

So I uninstalled the recent update yesterday morning and as expected the update was automatically reinstalled by evening.

I can't really keep doing that every day so I sure hope Telus gets an official fix released.


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Turn off automatic updates.. I always have them off and update on my terms.

How do you turn off automatic updates? I searched for this, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to make this happen.

More importantly, how long can it possibly take for Telus to release a patch? C’mon Telus… you owe us an update on progress