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My acct subscription changed(not by me)


I just got off the phone with customer care and was assured that my bill will not change but not sure I believe that.  Has anyone else had their subscription change under my account?  It was The basics plus Pik 5 for $20.00 as indicated by all my past bills. Now on the my account page it says The basics and 3 specialty selections with three of my channel selections for $20.00, then under that it says additional selections with my other two channel selections for $8.00, for a monthly total of $28.00.


Is there a note to customers that I missed?  Or was this an oops this wasn't suppose to change yet but will change in the near future?


Just Moved In

Same thing happened to me. Includes 2 channels under the "Channels" section, and 3 channels as "Additional selections". Support said everything was fine, but I'm not convinced.


Also, apparently the price lowered to $10/month, but nobody at Telus seems to know about it, despite the channel picker saying my selection (5 channels + CraveTV) should only be $17/month when my account page claims $39!


Bit of a mess, really. 😞

Odd, guess we will see when the next bill comes out.

@Danger and @slawrence I just PMed you for details

Identical issue to slawrence. Shows 2 channels and 3 additional selections for a total of 32 when it now appears the grand total should be 10 on my account...CSR was unable to resolve it and never bothered calling me back as she stated she would.

Add me to the list as well. Shows 32 instead of 10 in the account.

The same with my account

The Basics and "2 specialty selections" - 20.00

Then 3 channels (AMC, Showcase, TLC) under Additional selections - 12.00

The channels are the same as before; but now suddenly moved under Additional with extra cost


Waiting to see the bill... and then complain

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

There's a bug on that's showing a higher price for some customers.  We're trying to get this fixed ASAP and please don't worry - this error is not affecting your actual bill.


Thanks for checking in on the Pik TV forum and I encourage you to connect with one of our agents online at and we'll set you up with the same price as the limited time new customer offer.

Mine also says id be paying 36$ sure alot of bugs that need to be fixed and so many french channels 🧐 and foreign **bleep**


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Great news, everyone!


The billing issue on My Account has been fixed. I know the team worked hard to get that resolved ASAP and we appreciate your patience while they sorted it out.


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