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Is this the quality I am to expect from this service?

1. Cannot install the app on 2 of our phones. Error when installing, no code given.
2. The web browser uses ancient coding, why is Flash still being used in 2019? Who's idea was that?
3. Web browser when it works, only works in internet explorer, a now legacy app in Windows 10
4. Browser constantly buffers and freezes, need to refresh browser
5. No cast option on the browser or app to send to a network device like a ChromeCast

This has to be the most frustrating experience I have had with Telus. How can you release a product that is so poorly designed to the public? This product just seems like a reason to get people mad about the service that they just switch back to OptixTV or a competitor. I will be switching internet and TV very soon if this app does not get updated asap.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Richard, sorry to hear that you're not having a good experience with Pik TV. While it's not designed to be a replacement for Optik, it should still work as intended. Our technical support team at 1-888-811-2323 will be able to ensure that you're getting the optimal experience from the app. You can chat with them online by clicking on the chat bubble at the bottom of the following page:


Not that I disagree with a number of the issues here, I can say I have got Pik TV working with a few tweaks. I have had no problem installing onto Android devices of v7 and later, including a Galaxy S7, S9 and S10. The S7 mirrors to my TV well, and I can use it to watch everything I want on the big screen.


As for the browser, I have it working on Chrome well for now. I agree Flash is not a great option anymore, but it does work. You can click on the exclamation mark to the left of the URL to allow Flash, but it needs to be re-allowed after each restart of Chrome. However, you can also create some Registry Entries to allow it to work without this, see BacGer's post in this thread:


But again, it is time for HTML 5 TELUS !!