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I would like to buy 2 Pik TV boxes, even if that means I need two subscriptions, but I cant do this?


I run a strictly streaming house, pay for Fibre 150 and unlimited internet, and would love to pay for 2 Pik TV boxes. The problem is I can't seem to do this...  I want the android boxes for the flexibility in Apps, but I would like to run two TV's.  

Optik TV wont work for what I am trying to accomplish, but Pik TV does.  Why cant I pay for 2 subscriptions to do this?  I understand you want to bind subscription fees to the hardware, and I'm willing to pay for that, but I can't get a straight answer why I am limited to just one box per household.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Since we're not Telus employees here we're not aware of Telus' future plans. I think it's a safe bet that at some point they'll allow additional Pik boxes. It's likely they're just waiting for the initial roll-out to complete before that change.

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Pik TV boxes can be purchased at London Drugs and TELUS Mobility Corporate stores. The Pik TV app just requires a login. Try activating a second box on your account and see what happens


I'm going to try and do that, but the telus stores refused to do that when I tried on Friday.  I couldn't order a second box without a subscription.

I'm going to try again today.  I really like the box after playing with it all weekend, and I would love to have a second one.  It's a great service/platform

Any luck with this?  Would definitely get Pik TV if you can somehow get two boxes running.

So far, no I have not. I have ordered an Android box out of China that I'm going to try side loading the pik TV app on.

I already pay for unlimited data so I'm not too worried about running the app on a non telus box. If this works, I'll end up running a few Android boxes to do this. I would happily pay for more media boxes if they would let me, but so far.... that's just not a thing.