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I have had it with PIKTV app!


The App only worked good for about 4 months or so. The last 6 months it has sucked so bad. I've had countless problems TOO NUMEROUS to mention! I should be getting the service for FREE at this point! So fed up.


TELUS, you're suppose to be a leader in technology and this is the kind of App you put out?  I expect more from you than that.  I just want a fecking app that WORKS!


Today I can't watch TV at all. It says there's a server error.  I uninstalled it and Chromcast and I still have problems. It won't allow me to log in either. Going to cancel my subscription if this is not fixed SOON!





Well, I finally was able to log in after a few hours. My channels are Fecked up as usual and I'll probably still have 15+ issues that I normally have but hey, I get to watch SOME TV. Just garbage!

Same here. I've been having problems with Pik TV since I started using in January 2022. Channels frequently don't work, frequent errors, constantly have to reload, restart, redownload app. Yesterday, was on phone with Telus, and whole thing was down for several hours. Seems nothing Telus can do to fix this. Huge waste of money


Everyday I'm having to unplug/re plug again to get it working and it's still crap. I eventually can watch what I want but I'm pulling out my hair to get there!


I bet if the CEO or Board members were using Pik TV and they saw all the problems it'd get fixed ASAP.  Apparently no one in upper management does!

I think because it's a lower TV service they offer it's low on the priority list to do anything about it! It just doesn't bring in the money like other services do!