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Flash support ending after 2020

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I access Pik TV via the website, which uses Adobe Flash. Adobe is ending support for Flash on Dec. 31, 2020. Is Telus going to continue to offer Pik TV via the website with updated technology (like HTML5) or will users be forced to use a media device?


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Community Power User

I am sure Telus is well aware of Flash and it's EOL. When they have something to announce it will be known. Till then all we can do is speculate when it may/may not occur. Judging from a UI shift on the iOS and Android platforms I'm sure something is in the works. But again can only speculate.

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I just received an email from TELUS regarding this.


Starting Nov. 9, we're making some upgrades to the way you access your Optik TV services through the app and your browser. The biggest change you'll notice is that Flash is no longer required to access Optik TV through your browser along with several other upgrades for an even better experience.

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The HTML5 version of Pik TV is now available on the website: