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So tonight during law and order i get the error code 4 44 104 and now no tv what so wver rebooted it unplugged etc
Nothing i keep getting my shows interrupted what gives telus ?!?
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Community Power User
It’s an error Telus is aware of and actively working on a fix. Most times channel up/down restores the channel.

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You are not alone - PikTV all gone. YouTube, Crackle etc working fine, but PikTV - please give me a break!


Is Telus really unable to feed a simple stream over the "Best Fibre Network" in Canada without interruptions? Nice try, but Telus you are not ready for the streaming age. Shame on you.




Had this happen last night too while enjoying a show. Did the usual solutions but nothing. The app went unresponsive, not showing error codes or or the loading circle just black screen when a channel was selected. The app crashed multiple times at which point I gave up for the night.