Error code 4-44-140

Friendly Neighbour

later issue with PikTV, while watching VOD the screen will go black and this code will pop up on the screen. I think it is related to the last App update. 

Friendly Neighbour

Yes I have been experiencing this every few hours the past couple weeks. Super annoying.


I get this error constantly. Very annoying

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Hope This One would help. 


This was Posted by Drew 


 I get the error code 4-44-140

Figured it out.  Adblock was causing it.  Disabled it and it is working again

Friendly Neighbour

no ad block playing thru the PikTV box, this is where I encounter problem. if you channel up/down it will bring the feed back. I think the problem is at Telus' end with the data feed. 

Oh i got this too and the only way i get rid of it is turning tv on and off and or reset Smiley Sad
Does your video on demand update??
TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi everyone, 


We are sorry that you are having a not-so-good user experience of this error message. We are working hard on resolving this issue. Thank you for your patience as we are working hard on getting this fixed.