Error 3003 authorization token expired


I receive this error when a selected program tries to start playing.  I have reset the PIK box and it seems to be connected.  My account is valid.  How do I get the box to ask for a new token?

Community Power User
Community Power User
Which program(s) do you get the error on? Live tv or on-demand?

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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

To reset the authorization token, I'd suggest the following (after making sure that there are no updates available in the Google Play Store):


1. Log out of the Pik TV app and log back in again. If this fails, try #2

2. Force quit the Pik TV app (Android TV home --> Settings --> Apps --> Pik TV --> Force stop). If this fails, try #3

3. Reboot the Pik TV box (Android TV home --> Settings --> Device Preferences --> Reboot). If this fails, try a factor reset:

4. (Android TV home --> Settings --> Device Preferences --> Reset)