Editing "The Basics" channel list - how to skip channels I don't watch

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Hi All


Has anyone figured out a way to edit the "The Basics" channel list ? Here is what I am trying to do:

- I am a admitted channel surfer, I don't want to have channel-thru the unwanted channels

- on my smart TV there was a option to "delete" channels from channel list, for what ever reason - bad signal quality etc

- "The Basic" list contains channels I have no interest in, I will never watch them ...how can i just skip past them when surfing? 


Separate issue, but i have  no interest in:

- BC legislative channel ...i already know they  waste my money, don't rub it in my face!

- two channels are duplicate, I think one is regular, one is HD ....just need one of them

- 4-5 French channels, I don't know French, never gonna watch them




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Have a look at this discussion.
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This link takes the reader too the Optic forum. No help for Pik users...

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You can’t edit the channel list on PikTV currently.

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