Disable Bluetooth Pairing? Security flaw?


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Is there a way to disable Bluetooth Paring or make PikTV non-discoverable?


I live in a densely populated apartment building (i.e.: 30+ Wi-Fi APs detectable in my unit) and one of the neighbours keeps paring their iPhone with our PikTV.

It's getting quite annoying as PikTV will show full screen "Bluetooth Pairing Request" and interrupts whatever TV/Youtube/Netflix its playing on the device.


It's first time to have an Android device that keeps the device that is always discoverable whenever it's powered on.

Although it's just nuisance for me, wouldn't this create security issues for novice users who would just press OK to pair the device?

Community Power User
Community Power User

There are no settings I can find on the box to change the way bluetooth works on it. If I'm on my phone I can see smart TVs in range and try pair to them so I don't think it'll be an isolated issue.


Also only 30 APs? I see easily double that here. 🙂 Never had anyone try pair to my Pik TV box though, or at least when I was using it. 

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