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Ctv newschannel last few days stops and starts


have piktv android box (had for over 6 months and know all the issues ect)


the last 2-3 days ctv news channel is acting up...will start and stop,repeat itself.

none of the other standard channels or my 4 other pics and sports package are doing this

i even reset the android box just in case (however still same issue)

after having piktv for 6 months I know all the quirks ect and how to resolve

has to be an issue at telus end with this one channel


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee
What channel number? And was the experience you were getting that the video play back would stop and then repeat the same footage you just saw? Is this still happening?

channel 801


yes replays same picture and sound over


yes still happening today july 31/11:30 am


only happens on this channel

issue seems to be resolved today.


will monitor and update if happens again.