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Crave tv app


How can I log into the crave tv ap with my pik tv account. I am currently subscribed to crave + HBO?    

The only option for tell us seems to be optic tv.


Community Power User
Community Power User

AFAIK, you can’t access Crave with your PikTV credentials, it is a selectable premium channel, needing no credentials. You can install the Crave App from the PlayStore, and use Bell’s Crave credentials.

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Well that's unfortunate, accessing crave via the Pik interface is quite horrible. I was hoping this was going to work as it seems that if I had an optik account it would be no problem.

I was actually (apparently mistakenly) told I could do this by a Telus support team member. The pik app is quite unusable on android phones,  so we were hoping for some way to watch some content...

I have been using a Samsung Galaxy S7, with PIK TV App, and then Smart View to my Samsung TV. From inside PIK TV I am able to search for "Star Trek", find Star Trek: Discovery (From Crave) and stream it quite successfully. I don't think the interface is overly elegant, but so far it and streaming TV have been working well for me.