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Constant "freezing" when watching sports


I am using Pik Tv, have the Sports addition package.  

My TV is hard wired directly to the modem.  I have fibre or whatever the top package is called.   Even with all other devices in the house disconnect from wife or turned off, sports shows mostly (but some others) freeze and lag and this has been happening for months and months now.  I have reset all the components (numerous times) and logged in and back at.   It continues to happen.  The audio keeps going but the screen freezes and it is very frustrating.  

Any help or should I just give up on Telus TV?


Community Power User
Community Power User

What device are you using to view PikTV?

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A brand new Samsung TV that is hard wired to the modem

Hi @JasontSock 


Supported devices for Pik TV include the Pik TV Media Box, Apple TV (4th gen and higher), Nvidia Shield, Chromecast with Google TV, Sony TVs running Android TV, mobile devices running iOS or Android, and computer web browsers. 


It sounds like you might be using either a web browser on your TV, or a side-loaded app? If that's the case, Pik isn't currently supported on Smart TV browsers and doesn't have an app for the Tizen OS.

Sorry, I do have the PIK media box from Telus, that is hard wired to the modem and the TV.

I have the same problem. AppleTV. Been like that for month. Image freeze for like 5+ second, sound continue and then the image goes supper fast and catch up.