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Channel Subscription Change

Just Moved In

Hi! I've been a Pik TV owner for roughly 3 months now and it's my first time to use this feature. I want to change 1 of the 5 specialty channels on my Pik TV so I go on to my Telus Account then removed 1 (Discovery Channel) of the 5 specialty channels then change it with a new one (CBC News). Now I got this email confirmation from that I've updated my channel subscription and that they removed Discovery Channel on my account and I'm only gonna pay a partial amount (I did it around second week of August). Then I went on and turn-on the TV, CBC News is now added to my list but Discovery Channel is still there. So I log in again on my Telus Account and  the only thing that changed is that they added CBC News under "Additional Selection" which is $4/month and Discovery is still on my "5 specialty channel". I already did restart my modem and my Pik TV box but nothing happened. They already added CBC News, why can't they remove Discovery? Or is that the 5 specialty channels selected on the time of subscription cannot be changed? I'm a bit worried because I have a premium add-on with "TMN & HBO Canada with Crave TV" mainly to watch Game of Thrones but now the season is over I want to remove it and change it to the Sports Package. But with my current experience I don't know if they let me remove HBO Canada.

PS. I just noticed why is it that I still have 7 days remaining on my HBO subscription well in fact I've subscribed like 2 months ago? I think it's affected when I try to remove Discovery and add CBC News.  



I am having the same issue! I wanted to remove Showcase and add Slice. Slice was added but now I'm being charged $4/month for Showcase, which I do not want anymore. I have tried several times to remove it, but it has not worked. I have not been able to get ahold of tech support by phone or online when I have a few minutes to spare. Did you ever get this issue fixed?

I can confirm the same thing. Removed 1 channel and added another one. Got email confirmation. Old channel was not removed and I now have both the old and the new. Tried to remove it again but it keeps happening. 


The only way to fix this is to contact Telus. In other words if you want to modify your channels, do not do it via the online self serve. Do it with a rep.