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Cant add or change or manage PIK TV channels

Friendly Neighbour

When I use to add or change my channel lineup it errors and randomly deletes channels when adding others, it is unusable and the tech dept has the same issue......they have been working on this for 2 days since I brought it to their attention and  have no solution yet. With this on top of the garbage app update which makes me force quit to refresh the token I may cancel my service for good. Telus ???


Just Moved In

Same problem here! App would not let me add or remove Pik TV channels. It is a piece of crab!

I'm pretty sure that I've had this message for a couple of years now.  "Sorry we are experiencing trouble connecting to the server at this time. Please try again later."  I did call once and managed to talk to someone who was able to make the channel changes that I requested but it was a long call and included some up-selling attempts. I am still unable to make any changes myself.  And would rather not invest the time in another call.