Cannot get PIK TV...why?!?

So from what I understand, and please correct me if I am wrong, but PIK TV is Telus’s forte into the streaming market.

I am a telus customer.. 4 cell phones, 2 tablets, 1 home phone, and a mobile internet hub..

With this amount of services I was thrilled to find out PIK TV was available.. and on my Apple TV no less....

That was until I tried to order it.. as we had decided to go with the hub for our internet, we don’t qualify. This makes no sense to me!!

Its a streaming subscription, thus internet factor should not matter.. really wish I could get PIK as a standalone.

Any chance of this happening??
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Community Power User

Once you have a hardwired connection to the Telus network, PikTV would be available to you. From Telus’ perspective, the number of packets potentially consumed by PikTV far exceeds the allotment of your cellular network connection.


Remember, PikTV is zero rated on Telus’ wireline  network, as is Optik. This wouldn’t work as well on bandwidth limited cellular, at least until 5G increased bandwidth comes.

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