Can't login to PikTV


Trouble logging in on my AppleTV 4th gen.

I enter my account and password and all I get is perpetual loading symbol.

AppleTV is hardwired to ethernet and internet is active.   Software is up to date.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled App to no effect.

Any suggestions?



Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you tried rebooting the Apple TV.

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I tried everything for my Apple TV


Software update




nothing works just sits there in the PIK TV app doing nothing. It worked once when i got it and since then hasnt worked


Telephone support is an HOUR wait.


Doesnt work in my phone either, worked before but not now. Get the LP0008 error when i log in. Nothing


And flash for browser? comeon

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Community Power User

By any chance have you updated to the beta version of the upcoming OS on either device?


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It didnt work before or after the apple tv updates. Also doesnt work on phone or browser...

LP0008 error for days...

And tech support is always 1+hr wait. I signed a 2 year contract.. Sign of things to come....?