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Can Pik TV use two remotes?


Hello, I just recently got pik tv..  So far so good.. however I was hoping to add a second remote..  Does telus sell pik tv remotes?  My wife wants one by her chair and I have one by me..  Right now we have to pass it back and forth..  One of us will be on our phone and the other wants to change channel or use an app and we have to pass the remote.. 🙂


She does not want to use her phone as a remote..  I tried to use mine, but some of the buttons aren't there like "Guide" or "apps" or "Info" etc..


Can I pair two pik tv remotes to one pik tv box and use both remotes?




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Maybe you should cuddle more? 😁

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I purchased this remote from amazon. Works great and you have the added bonus of a keyboard on the other side of the remote. Just plug in the USB receiver into the back of the PikTV device.


Was really hoping for another official pik tv remote to buy..  I saw a post about logitech harmony remote, so I picked one up from best buy on sale.. I'll see if I can get it to learn the IR commands like in the other post about it..


It's shipping now (the harmony remote).. So hope it works.. if not I can return it to best buy

Instead of IR..... I think the PikTV box uses Bluetooth.


Do Harmony remotes handle Bluetooth?

It does not do Bluetooth. But in a post a few down the box also use IR and if you unpair remote and turn off box it will use IR. The light on remote goes red instead of green. Then you can get the remote to learn the IR commands. The guy said all worked but power. He used a Flickr device for power but I'm not worried about the power button that much

Bought lg harmony 665 on sale from best buy. Works just fine. I still had pik tv box and used manufacturer and model number during setup and it worked. Even power button. In the my harmony app I used


Set up right away with no learning. Now I can use volume on soundbar and channels on pik.. Might have to learn an exit button but most seem to work fine. Like guide and info. Menu. Power. Channels and numbers

How did you program the exit button?  I have the Harmony 300 and everything works except the exit button.  I tried to "teach" the Harmony remote but it couldn't learn the signal as its bluetooth/IR.

Take batteries out before learning. Then put them in and hit exit. It will light up red indicating IR rather than green which is Bluetooth. If it's still green take power or if piktv and batteries in remote. Put batteries back in remote leaving power out of piktv. Remote should act with IR then. It's not enough to have the box shut off. Have to physically take out the Ac power plug so it doesn't try to connect to bluetooth