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Audio captioning is extremely annoying and can not turn it off on the app.

So i have piktv for the last couple of months.
The app has channel blocjing issue and worse than that it has audio description on everything and there is no option on the piktv app to disable it.
The one on piktv box is ok but the app is quite messedup. How can i disable this annoying audio description

Community Power User
Community Power User

If your connected to your home network (Telus supplied gateway/router) and can't view all channels via the app. Give Telus a call to troubleshoot your PikTV connection.


Typically if you're connected with a 3rd party router it detects you not being on the home network. As for the CC on the app, simply click on the CC icon and make sure it's not Green = Enabled






I suggest if you are replying to a thread read the details.
I said i am connected to telus router
Also i said audio description not close captioning
And telus admitted that they have problems with the app and can not solve it. I thought i ask someone here in case they have discovered a workaround since telus has been useless in the last 2 months