Apple TV. Two Boxes. Sign in on other apps


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Is there any plans for an Apple TV app for PIK tv? I would prefer to just be able to use my existing streaming device.

Can I buy a extra box from Best Buy and use it? Or will it somehow be blocked.

Why can’t I log into the global tv go app, or crave tv on other devices if I am paying for these channels?

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Good questions.


1) Telus has not disclosed any plans as of yet regarding the Pik TV app being used on other hardware.


2) Only one Pik TV box per internet connection / account is presently supported. Many of us are hopeful that may change in the future though Telus hasn't announced any plans so far.


3) You can't access those apps because the broadcasters don't consider the "lite" version of TV to be eligible. Just like satellite. You'd need Optik for those. If you get Crave as part of Pik TV, you can only access it on the Pik TV box itself. I find it quite handy for watching a lot of shows without commercials on my Pik TV.

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