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Anyone know what this annoying prompt is?



This progran can only be played

while on your Telus home W-Fi

Will not let me use the Chanel CHEK TV Chanel 121

I saw someone else had the same problem (August) - tried all the recommendations - but that didn't help for long

Have a 2nd Telus box that works just fine

Telus router and Telus (given) wi-fi booster


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

This prompt shows up because some channels are only available when connected to your TELUS internet. Certain content providers, including Chek TV, don't make their channels available for streaming over mobile networks or on public wifi.

If you have multiple Pik TV boxes, it sounds like they may be competing for in-home detection. The Pik TV service wasn't originally designed to support multiple set-top-boxes, but as we introduced more capabilities like Apple TV and Nvidia Shield, this restriction was relaxed. To try and troubleshoot, I'd suggest making sure both boxes are up-to-date, disconnecting both from Wi-Fi and re-booting both.

Sorry - forgot to mention - Pik box #2 was not plugged in (electrically) as these occurrences were happening .... so that takes care of that suggestion - thank though