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quitting telus soon any way to download android or something on 4k telus box


i was just wondering if i can get diffrent firmware or something on my 4k boxes as im quitting telus soon



@Meme_stealer  Don't you have to return the boxes to telus or get a billed for them.

no i am not renting i own them they are mines get to keep

@Meme_stealer  You bought them outright when you signed up for service? I have telus satellite system no rent but will have to return them if i leave the service. I have confirmed this with billing some time ago.  I don't think telus would install new software in the units just saying. Polecat

im tryna do it myself

@polecat i have a 4k cable box  and i want to install it myself i dont need telus to do anything

@Meme_stealer  When telus quit  offering sate i asked if they stopped the signal at some future date could i transfer to bell sate and they said no it would have to be bell programmed. That was my ownership  question. I am grandfathered with telus forever i guess. We watch very little tv so maybe i should look at sourcing what i want from the internet service. Polecat

Community Power User
Community Power User

You can’t install any firmware/software. Sell the boxes to recoup some money. Otherwise they will just collect dust in a closet.