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optik tv update

Just Moved In

I don't like the new optik tv update.  The icons on each channel in the guide are now much smaller and harder to read.


Also, when I highlight a program in the guide or in the recorded programs and then click on "info" the program description is now limited to three lines which cuts off some of the information about some of the programs. The old "info" on the old optik tv settings did not limit how many lines it took to describe what the program was about. Very disappointed. 



I  kind of like the new look.  Quite a bit more streamlined and less obtrusive.


However, when you hit info now, you will see 3 tabs along the top of the screen.  Hit your right arrow once for cast and crew listings and a 3rd time for details, which will give you the full description.  Othewise, all you are seeing is the summary tab, which should be summarized to 3 lines.

Thanks but that is my point.  The old settings gave all that information with one click....INFO.

After the update it's click INFO, then scroll right, then click ENTER to get the same information as with only one click before the update  

More clicks....more annoyance...

Community Power User
Community Power User

My recollection was I had to wait for the info to show in the past. If waiting, and I couldn’t read it all, I had to wait for the info to show again.

I’m happy to press the right button at my own pace, rather than wait for the info to come around again.

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Friendly Neighbour

I really like the new look. Also they seem to have improved the picture quality. Its as if the bit rate has been increased. I'm using a 4K Optik TV PVR box on a 4K set and its really good. The compression has been reduced it seems. Some commercials even look like 4k now. This wasn't the case at its launch. The update has improved my picture quality on many channels. Not sure what you guys did but I'm impressed!




sorry for the double post.  Too bad the forum will not let us edit or delete posts.