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optik remote alternatives


hello optik tv users,


are you using an alternative to the stock remote?  looking for something with backlight and maybe a shortcut feature to skip to the next episode if possible.


let me know what you are using and what features i might be looking for.




Community Power User
Community Power User

I use a Logitech Harmony 665 programmable remote as I have quite a few devices in my media centre. It doesn't give you any new features over the existing remote but I have replaced about a 1/2 dozen remotes with one. You can program macros so I suspect with a bit of work you could set it up to do a skip to next episode.


The remote is only partially backlit and frequently goes on sale at Best Buy for around $50.

Yeah I wish these was a backlight on the Slimline 2 remote also. And, does this thing really have to be this big? lol

Try the AT&T S30-S1B remote been using mine for 3 years

Buy the SB 30 AT&T remote works Great. And has black light. I love the remote more than TELUS ones