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When I switch on my TV, I get a message saying: Your Optik TV digital box is initializing. This will only take a moment". But I've been trying for 3 days! I've pulled and reinserted all cables both on the STB and my Actiontec modem, waiting the prescribed times. Also, I've noticed that the DSL light on the modem does not light up.


Is there a solution?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Are you on DSL for internet? If yes, the lack of DSL light means your connection is likely down. Call tech support.


If you are on fibre and are using the T3200M as a router, the DSL light will not illuminate.


Do you have any other Optik boxes? If yes, do they work?

Do you have a computer or tablet? Is it able to access the internet?


Solution? Call tech support. Waiting three days is too long to do that. I do recommend calling because if you use Chat and support asks you to reboot the T3200M, you'll lose the chat session.

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