hdr pvr 801 4k box


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why does  my  box works  without  the  pvr   harddrive  not  working  and  gets  hot  at  times   and  when  the  pvr  harddrive  was  working  the  tv  in  channels  froze  and  pickulates  and  recodings   ,now  since  48  hrs ago  my  prv  harddrive  is  not  working  it  does  not  frezze  at  all  or  pickulates  i  have  now  so  i  do  have  service  order  for  tommorrow  now  would  it  be  better  to  have  5662  4k  modole  or  the  801 4k  modle  let  me  know  today  thankns

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Community Power User

If the hard drive was failing it would cause issues. The technicolor boxes generally run hotter then the Arris ones. As for a replacement depends what unit they have in stock and pulled for the order.

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