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cannot retrieve deleted recordings - not happy!!!!!

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Why is there  not a feature to retrieve deleted recordings? this is not good!!!! If in error we deleted we should be able to retrieve it. We are human after all!  My brother is with Shaw and he has the feature to retreive deleted recordings from the PVR.  This matter should be looked at as I took the whole package and paying quit a bit for the services with telus. 


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Community Power User

Sounds like something to submit to the Ideas section of the forum:



Not sure why this is even an issue. You get the warning screen of "are you sure". What possibly can you be recording that you would not have an opportunity to record again at a later date or watch "on demand"? I doubt that there would be much need for this.

Just Moved In

I had the same problem but my Pre Recorder was not working

for a month a phone lots of time to Telus telling about my box not working

it was all ways the same thing reset box try recording again and it still never worked.

I called one day got really annoyed at them and told them my box was faulty. The next

day they replace it!! You need to call them!! You need to get a new box it is Faulty!!!!

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@bcrick44 ,

Replacing the PVR will not change the behaviour of a user deleting programs. Once a user deletes a program, it is gone.


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