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Your television’s HDCP does not support this high definition connection

I was watching the Canucks game tonight when I suddenly got the above message and lost my broadcast. Anyone see this before? I’m assuming it’s an HDMI cable issue but it just happened suddenly.

I don't recall ever seeing that error myself but I've seen reports of it here in the neighborhood. Usually cable problems are seen right away when you first start using them. They don't go bad over time outside of being damaged by physical stress.

I think there was a recent box update that may have changed the HDMI handling. Maybe between the software changes and having a marginal cable it adds up to a new problem.

Looks like it might be a cable issue. I switched and things are working again.

Do you know what the HDMI cable specs are on the one that was giving you problems vs the one that works? Perhaps it will help others shopping for a cable or diagnosing HDMI problems.

Just Moved In

Got the same message when we switched from Shaw to Telus Optic TV.  This applies to TV's made before 2013.  Other sites suggested placing a splitter between the Telus box and my amp.  Did that.  It works!  No more HDCP2.2 error message when I turn on the TV.  Ordered a HDCP Stripper through from a company in Calgary. $16.99.  It is called "1 in 2 out 1080p HDMI 4K 1x2 HDCP Stripper 3D Splitter Power Signal Amplifier CA".