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Wireless digital box needs to be restarted everytime I open my monitor.

Just Moved In

I have a:

4k wireless digital box plugged into a

Samsung pc monitor

via HDMI.


My Optix TV is fine BUT

if I open my monitor again...

it's snowy...


It only works once I manually restart the Optik TV from the device (NOT REMOTE). That takes 2-3 minutes.


Any way to make the startup experience more efficiency. Kinda stupid I have to run again the device upon opening the monitor.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you tried the wireless box connected to an actual TV instead of a PC monitor? The PC monitor will behave a bit differently than a TV.

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Not yet. I'll have to get/borrow a regular TV first in my suite.


Aside, will displayport make a difference instead of HDMI?

Have you tried unplugging the HDMI cable after turning on the monitor and plugging it back in?

HDMI is a mess as far as compatibility between source, display and cabling. Might be worth trying a different cable as well.