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Wired optik 4K box loses video repeatedly

My two Optik 4K boxes are hardwired to gigabit Ethernet. Great internet speed confirmed. After 5-10 seconds, the video freezes and an error screen pops up “Television Signal Has Been Lost”. If I change the channel the video comes back for a few seconds, then the error screen returns.

I power cycled both Optik 4K boxes and problem persists.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you substituted your own router? The behaviour you describe has happened to many folks who switched from the Telus router to their own.


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Yes I did. Everything else works perfectly on the network. Is there a specific setting you need on the router ?

I read the forums a bit more. I was not aware you still needed multicast setup if you are hardwired. My network equipment does support VLAN and IGMP snooping etc for multicast support.

Despite extensive searching I cannot find a guide or detailed information on how to set this up for Telus Optik boxes on your own network equipment LAN ?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Unless your router supports multicasting it won’t work for Optik TV. Your options are use the Telus supplied router/modem for Optik TV. Or purchase a router that supports multicasting. It’s then as easy as enabling it. 

My router and managed switches are Araknis which all support multicasting. However, there are many multicast related settings that seem to be ISP specific. Could you or anyone else point me to these specific multicast settings that Telus requires ?

If all my Telus Optik boxes are hard wired and setup to multicast, do all they all need to be on a separate VLAN?

I recently got a PVR 4K and a separated 4k unit. I had no issues just connected both through an unmanaged netgear switch. Make sure the cabling are good. For me i got some issues the first day for few minutes remplazed a network path cable all good.