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Why cant I PVR live games?

Friendly Neighbour

Whenever I record a LIVE Canucks game, I can't go back and look at a play.


It inevitably will "get stuck" at a certain time, and when I rewind it skips all the way back to the cursed moment.


This is HORRIBLE.  My PVR is not full.  The system is faulty, for some reason I have to completely delete my recording and start over, from where I currently am in the game, only recording half the game.





Community Power User
Community Power User

I'm confused by your description. You can't manipulate a recording of a program while it is recording.


If you are watching a program, but not recording it, you can rewind as far back as an hour of your previously watched show, and then skip forward again. If you want to record, and watch live with rewind, you might need to record one channel, and watch on another.


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Community Power User
Community Power User

It sounds like you are just watching it live, and not recording it. If you watch it live, you can only rewind to the point you turned to that channel. If you try to go back further from that point, it will restart the program from the very beginning. That is if I understand "cursed moment" correctly. If you haven't changed the channel, and the play you wanted to go back and see occurred after changing to the channel, you should be able to rewind to it. If that play is before, then it'll jump back to the beginning instead.


Do you hit the red record button before the game starts? How about after? If no to either, then you're not recording anything. You'd just be watching live TV.

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