WHY IS TELUS FORCING People to TAKE NETFLIX OR CRAVE as part of their NEW packages and then SPLIT


WHY IS TELUS FORCING People to TAKE NETFLIX OR CRAVE as part of their NEW packages and then SPLIT

I just moved to Telus on Friday and I couldn't change TV packages that we were forced to come up quickly when we ordered our move ot Telus. So now I am with Telus I try to change packages and I am being told I have to switch to the New Packages. These are nothing like the old packages. NOW TSN & SPORTNET are split into their own packages. And you can't get a package WITHOUT Taking NETFLIX OR CRAVE. I DON"T WANT EITHER. WAY TOO SLIMMY TELUS! NOTHING BUT A MONEY GRAB! MIGHT HAVE TO MOVE BACK TO SHAW. Shaw may not be the best for TV but I never got screwed over like TELUS is doing!!


Yes telus  info pages  are  somewhat misleading. You really have to look closely at the channel packages or will miss that TSN is  not in the basic package. We are not heavy tv sport watchers but the CFL is a absolute must. Satellite since September 2014 not one problem compared to the things i see about optik hardware on the neighbourhood. Polecat Go RIDERS

I'm currently on the You Pick 6 Combo and I can change the Channel Theme Packs just fine without having to select a Premium channel - do why can't you just change your Theme Packs in your existing Combo rather than selecting a new Combo?  Or is it that your existing Combo isn't what you want?


And are you on Pure Fibre or DSL?  On Fibre I'm paying $70 per month for 300 up and down (I understand Shaw is only 300 down and something less up) so I don't know why you would pay $85 for 50 ...


Have you actually talked with anyone from Telus (phone in or Chat)?  I suspect that Telus would love to keep you as a customer rather than lose you back to Shaw - so phone and talk to someone and set out what it would take for you to remain with Telus.


Several friends of mine did the same switch and TSN  became the issue they all went back to what they had  before. I compared telus to shaw to bell sat and ended up on telus sat. No longer available but bell is the same. I looked a t optik in calgary and did not like the channel format or the hardware. Unless you compare the channel lineups you will get fooled. Polecat.

Well it is frustrating that I signed on with the old plan and tried to change packages before the install and told I couldn't do that until the install. But then I get it installed, and go to change the packages, but told I have to switch to the new packages. So I didn't change yet. NOT FAIR But This forcing People to Take Netflix or CRAVE when they don't want it is unbelievable, why force people to do something they don't want.  I switched to Telus had nothing to do with packages, as Shaw has better packages than Telus but quality of the TV channels and the HD channels is not up to Telus standards. But the packages are better, the Home Phone was only $9 for 5 features and my internet was #300 speed for $50 a month, less than the $85 Telus wants for #50 speed. So I am really thinking of moving back after the weekend.

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In many instances, channel grouping, especially of sports channels, is determined by the supplier, not Telus.


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