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Volume goes up and down


It's intermittent. The sound might drop for 10 seconds and/or go louder for 20 seconds, then return to normal for an hour.  


I first thought it was people speaking from their home studios, but it happens on netflix, programs on my pvr


I have a digital cable to a sound bar 



If you have this issue with recorded programs does the pattern repeat if you rewind and play it again or is it random and not correlated to where you are in the program?

Thank you
On recorded programs the pattern of volume does repeat.


That means it likely came that way from the source broadcast and is not an issue with the Optik box or your TV.

Are you experiencing the problem on every channel/program or only specific ones?

It just occured to me that it might be related to the sound being 5.1 vs stereo. I've experience similar volume fluctuations on my DAC when it's in 5.1 mode and the source is actually stereo. Are you using a sound bar or AV receiver?

Does your soundbar handle 5.1 or only stereo?

Can you change the digital output setting on your TV to match the capability of the sound bar (stereo or 5.1)?

Thank you for replying so quickly.


My TV is old, and the sound is poor. So I bought a cheap sound bar that doesn't support 5.1


I've noticed this volume going up and down problem is irritating when I watch a recording of PBS News. Perhaps it's them.


My set up is simple - optical cable from the box to the sound bar. The audio settings on the box are all "stereo".  


Generally I find OPTIK extremely frustrating, I wish there was a "Press here and you'll go back to exactly where you left off." 


Thank you 



Are there audio settings on the TV? Perhaps you need to set the digital out on the TV to stereo.

If you can't find the setting yourself then provide a brand/model I'll see if I can help.