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Utilizing builder installed Data Cable

Just Moved In

Backgorund information - Telus tech came and installed Fiber connection box, Modem, PVR and 3 slave digital boxes. The PVR is hardwired and the digital boxes are wireless. We were having issues with freezing and constantly having reboot system. Tech came out and replaced PVR and I asked if they could hardwire the digital boxes. Tech said no, wasnt necessary. Issues persisted and a different tech came in and found the the wiring from the modem went through a 4 port switch before going back to the PVR(had to be a direct connection)? This did fix the problem but now I am worried if I start reworking the cables I will connect incorrectly. From what I can tell right now Fiber comes into the fibre box, goes to the modem on another floor via prewired by builder CAT5, comes back from modem on another CAT5 run in the same outlet and to the pvr in the basement via the smart home junction box. I don't mind where everything is set up but would like to have hard wired internet in other rooms in the house. We also have the Telus wifi boosters on top floor and basement. 

I would like a simple process of adding a network switch to the network without interrupting the PVR feed. I am thinking I will probably have to relocate the modem to the basement so the bonus room jack isnt used as an in and out for the modem from the Fiber box? Each room has 2 CAT5 and a cat6 or phone jack female termination. I will have to terminate the ends in the basement.



The Optik system requires multicast support on the network. It's likely the switch didn't support IGMP snooping which is required to manage multicast properly. If multicast isn't managed properly the streams are broadcast to all ports which results in flooding the entire network instead of just sending it to the correct ports.


Given a switch with the right specs it should work.