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Unable to record on Optik TV PVR (even after Telus assistant helped me)

Friendly Neighbour

My Optik TV PVR cannot record or do series recordings.

I contacted a Telus employee yesterday and they helped solve my issue remotely. However, after a few hours of my PVR working, it stopped working again. It will not record anything, and my series recordings just get ignored. 

Some troubleshooting I have tried:

 - Restart my optik box through settings

 - Unplugged and replugged my optik box

 - Select "First run & rerun" for series recording

 - Deleted old recordings to have over 90% free space

 - Both series and individual episodes will not record

 - My programs are still in the scheduled tab. 


Unfortunately, I don't think Telus customer support is open on the weekends. 

Any suggestions on how to fix this?




Community Power User
Community Power User

Customer support is indeed open on weekends.


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Can you record a live program? If you can then you can rule out a hardware issue.

Friendly Neighbour

I am unable to record a live program

Sounds like it might be a hard drive issue. Can you rewind live programs on CBC or any other channel that doesn't offer the Restart Show option?

Just Moved In

I having same issue.  I’ve rebooted, checked wire connection. Was told power outages are causing problems.  It’s been going on for over a month.  Patience is wearing thin.