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Unable to login to Crave or Optik tv website


Hi there, 

We subscribed to Crave and now want to watch GOT away from our home. We are unable to login on Crave or Optik tv website.


Please help


Community Power User
Community Power User

Are you trying to log in with the Optik TV user ID you set on the PVR? What error message are you seeing?

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yes definitly

I created the Optik tv account on the receiver and created the account with the confimation code. 


Getting invalid username/password error on my pc and mobile device

Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you tried to login with your My Telus account credentials?


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Ever solve this? I'm having same issue

When I started up with Telus TV, for some reason the verification messages on the TV wouldn’t come to my main email address. That resulted in my using one address and password for my Telus account and another for signing into the TV and the Telus TV app. I’ve never understood why and because I lost all my recordings twice, I just leave it that way. 


Anytime I am asked for my email/password when signing into Apps on AppleTV where they want to know I have Telus as a TV provider, I have to use that “other” password/email combination. 


I also had had to use yet another username/password combination for this site. 


I’m only mentioning this, in case it has some relevance to this discussion. 

We are using the same one that we signed up with for montelus or optik tv but telus is the one screwing us over for login in because before there was two ways of login in from crave website or mobile app now there is only one and seems to be an issue for most telus customers.. telus sucks garbage right?

I am so frustrated with this too. Heck, I just tried to access our account at all and it didn't work. Then I tried to reset the password and received a notice their registration system is down. Aargh!!!

Here is what I did to solve problem with Crave. I wanted to setup a new account anyways because my son guessed an old password I had and created master Crave account under his ID. I was bored tonight and thought I would reset my Optik TV account and could not figure out what was wrong so spent a few minutes researching.


First I found out that Apple iCloud accounts don't seem to work and will never get the email confirmation - use something like a gmail or account instead.


Create or reset Optik TV account using the Optik TV receiver within the Menu options.


When you receive the email it will tell you to use the iPhone App, but that app no longer supports this method of login and only supports your real TELUS My Account. Therefore you cannot activate and the instructions don't make sense (the old IOS App let you select login type)


Use your computer and a web browser and go to Optik TV Account Login

Select the 2nd option Optik TV and then you will see an option to enter confirmation code.

Use this Optik TV account to login to crave or activate AppleTV app etc.


I prefer watching Crave on AppleTV vs. Optik Receiver because I find the interface better.


There is a new Optik TV app for AppleTV (which requires TELUS My Account login) and it can access crave and everything else on account but not sure how it works outside of home.


You should be able to access Crave on demand using iPad or iPhone Optik TV app, or support web browser I believe outside of home but not sure because Telus limits what can watch if on a different network.




Thank you! That worked like a charm! I was losing my mind trying to figure this out and tech support was of absolutely zero help.

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Thank you!! This worked

I have PIK tv and an Apple box with crave. I recently started getting errors saying I need a subscription in order to watch crave. Well I have one, but there still seems to be an issue with Telus and crave not making the connection. I have even tried watching it through my computer and it’s not working/ I can sign in and see all the shows available, just can’t watch any. Tried logging in and out and re- activating...anyone have any suggestions? I have a call in with Telus but so far they haven’t figured it out yet either

Last month I tried again with firestick to log into crave. And voilà it worked. Who knows? Good luck.