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Tiny black sparkles green flashes, back to grey sparkles, tv pic ...

Can be watching tv for days on end, then this happens , once it happens once it gets more frequent.

Picture goes dark grey with tiny black dots , like old school snow but at 1080P size, then green flashes, back to grey sparkles, back to tv pic .then variations ,

I had thought maybe it was my hdmi cable when it started months ago, so I swapped put with satellite box HDMI. Perfect for 6 weeks, at the time inhad noticed the back of the 4K box at the hdmi was extremely hot, like burning hot, also the cable connector was hot.

Today is 6 weeks later on the "new" cable and happened once 3 hours ago, came back by itself to normal after 2 minutes.

My guess is that the hot hdmi 170° F output of the box is damaging the cables over time , inside the connector.

Does Telus still send replacement cables?

Please feel your output, I went to two friends houses and thier hdmi box outputs were also burning to the touch

TCH UIW4001 / 1719

I see there is a different older Arris box that is in all the new customers offers . Is this the reason why? If my yamaha HD AVR gets damaged or house burns down , then WHAT? Lol

Lets solve this issue , can a fan be placed on it? Are these boxes mfg wrong?