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The Weather Network New App on 9128


Does anyone know how to stop the Weather Network App from loading when you access channel 9128? I found that you cannot pause this channel unless you exit the App from the Left menu.



Actually I also have noticed that you cannot enter a new channel number when you are on 9128. You must exit to the guide in order to select a new channel.

This is one of the reasons I never use the channel up/down buttons. I always use the guide.

I never use the channel up or down buttons either, but you can't even enter any numbers to go to a channel unless to exit the app.


This irritating app-loading occurred in the past, then it stopped, but it's happening again.

I don't use the guide, I just key in channel numbers. As soon as I see the spinner, I hit the back (exit) button 4 times, then I'm left with the regular channel. 

I wish they would stop with the app.

I sent off an "E" mail to the company controlling the TV App and explained what was happening. Now I see that the App is not loading automatically anymore. Hopefully the problem is solved for now 😊

I just noticed last night (poised to hit the Back button repeatedly) that the spinner didn't appear. I think your email got things fixed, Benji!! Thank you!