Temporary using one of my optik boxes on another persons setup.


I have three tv's in my house of which I only use two on a regular basis.  I do stay with my daughter in Edmonton in order to see my grandchildren.  I'm relegated to the basement with no tv and would like to be able to take my unused box and a tv there.  I know I would have to abide by their subscriptions but I just want to know if technically can I do this.  


If you are thinking about permanently moving your Optik box and TV there then you just need to contact TELUS to inquire about the process of how to do this. If you are thinking about moving it back and forth then it may not be worth the trouble because you will need to contact TELUS each time.

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Your box has to be at the physical address of your Telus service. You can always use your Optik tv on the go app when away from your household with limited channel selection.

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You **might** be able to connect one of the secondary set top boxes to her Optik system, but you would need to go through a set-up process each time.

Maybe another option to consider, is the purchase of an additional unit from her provider, which you can then connect your TV to once you arrive.


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First try your box and see if it works. The system does authorize your box based on its built in serial number. As long as the two locations are being serviced by the same authorization gateway it will work. But locations further apart are more likely to be serviced by a different head end gateway so your experience may vary. Moving a box to a friends house in the same neighborhood usually works. Going to another town or opposite side of the city and who knows what will happen. All you can do is try it out. Use ethernet hardwired connection though. Wireless or moca/hpna adapter would likely make it harder to figure out what any failure is caused by.

You will not have PVR functionality as your box will not talk to the friends PVR unit.