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Telus dropped the ball on Flash End of Life date


I spent an hour online with Telus trying to resolve the issue that you CAN NOT stream on computer anymore. 

the Telus streaming site requires Flash. in 2017 Adobe announced the termination date of Flash. Telus has obviously ignored this.

and on Sept 17 2020 Flash was terminated.


Telus states on their website that streaming is part of the Optik package....but you cannot stream anymore for error code 1-44-102

Flash is not installed. BUT....Flash is not a part of Safari v14, and is not available in any form from Adobe's website.


after a wasted hour trying to reason with a "tech" they told me what I read on the Telus site prior to contacting tech support. Updates will not take place until end of Dec 2020. there was NO email or notification that this was going to happen. as this was announced in 2017, this should have been planned for pre Flash termination.


in my opinion, Telus should not be charging OR offering a rebate for the months that you cannot stream to computer.

extremely upset with the lack of commitment with Telus.


add to the fact their internet is subpar, and my cable box goes into rest mode twice a day, and there is no option on the user side to turn that off.

I had to contact Telus to disable it. and since an update it has turned back on....and I've asked them 3 times to turn it off.....and they haven't.

terrible service.


Community Power User
Community Power User

The official end of life for Flash is December 31, 2020. Apple removed support for Flash in v14 of Safari. Flash can still be downloaded until the end of the year (but the browser needs to support it).


Numerous browsers still support Flash. I'm able to use Flash in the latest version of Chrome, though I needed to change some settings. Flash support for other browsers varies and is definitely winding down. 


You can use an alternate browser until Telus resolves this issue. Presumably they will be revamping the Optik website to address this issue before the end of the year.


FWIW I had to tweak various settings in Chrome to get the Optik website to work correctly due to various security measures recently implemented in Chrome (including disabling Flash by default).


I won't use Chrome, because that is trash. and FireFox is not safe.


my girl, however has Chrome on her machine, and gets the same Flash error.


and yes CORRECTION EOL for Flash is Dec 2020, but Flash was removed from Safari v14 already.

I dont think I should be forced to use a sketchy browser simply because Telus is sloppy.


NEVER had issue like this in the US.

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Community Power User

In order to use Flash in the latest version of Chrome you need to enable it:


I'm not trying to start a war on which browser is best/worst but they have all made efforts to improve:


In theory it's a temporary workaround but I've found it's almost a necessity to run more than one browser these days as certain sites don't play well with certain browsers.

why does it say SUCCESS above your post. 


I definitely would not deem it a solution by any means.

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Community Power User

More can be read here. as it's already on their radar.

weird that you say that. the tech I spoke had no idea what I was talking about. and said I was the first person to present the issue.


I guess he was lying?

I have the transcript of our chat.

Telus never claimed they would support any particular browser/OS combination indefinitely. In this case, Apple has dropped support early, not Telus. Have you tried reaching out to Apple support? I doubt they would give a rat's behind that you can't access Flash content prior to official End Of Life, but it's really on them, not Telus. Apple's decision is beyond Telus' control. A workaround is available (use another browser), and I just tried a couple different browsers and could access the content without issue. Building a whole new platform takes time, especially when relying on a vendor. Once built, interfaces need to be created, testing needs to occur, etc. It's frustrating, but these things take time. You not liking a specific browser isn't grounds for a credit/refund, sorry.