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Telus Optik TV Loses Signal After 10 to 15 Seconds

Friendly Neighbour

The Problem:


Telus Optik TV works for 10-15 seconds then goes to the lose signal screen. This does not effect WIFI what so ever or using the TV Apps (such as watching YouTube or Netflix) on the Telus Optik boxes. When the Telus Optik TV loses signal WIFI does not cut out, it is strictly effecting the Live TV being broadcast through the Telus Optik TV box.


I currently have 3 Telus Optik TV boxes, one plugged directly into the router and 2 are wireless. This issue appears off and on though out a day. On all three boxes. All three boxes, even when issues are apparent, can play Netflix and YouTube through the box TV Apps with no issue and WIFI is not effected.


We were speaking to a phone help technician a couple nights ago who said this was a multicasting issue. They could not resolve the problem, but it worked for about 12 hours with no issues.


I saw a similar thread from 2016 on this but there was no solution given:


Services and Troubleshooting


I have restarted the router, had the router replaced 3 times, changed the fiber (tail and new port line in the community, plugged the router directly into the white fiber box, changed the boxed. The technician has replaced all the wires and tested everything in the house. Essentially we have tested all of the hardware and physical possibilities in the house, which leads me to believe this is something on the Telus side. Telus can see critical errors on their side but they continue to tell me to restart the router every time I call in...


I have had a tech come to my house three times, waiting on the phone for over 10 hours, and no one can provide support for why this is happening.


I thought everything was fixed after the identified it was a multicasting issue but now I am back to the same place and I can't speak to the right tech's on the phone.


Can someone please help?



Friendly Neighbour

I forgot to mention, when I change the channel it will play Live TV for 10-15 seconds and the issue persists. I can change channels as much as I want but the issue continues no matter what channel I am on.

The picture on the "Guide" screen, where you choose channels also plays the Live TV with no issues, it is only when I click on the channel do I lose signal after 10-15 seconds.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Your TV devices ARE connected to the Telus router? The description you provide has been shared by many trying to use a non-Telus router.


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Yes, all Telus hardware... like I said, they have replaced it all three times now.

One box is directly connect to the Telus router, two are wireless... all of them have the same issue.

What is the make and model of that router? Are there any other devices besides the router and the white fibre optic terminal?

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No other devices besides the router connected. Like I said, I had a tech actually switch the line line my fiver Potok was on (new tail and port) - sorry if terminology is wrong. We plugged the router directly into the white fiber optik box and the issue persisted. What other devices would you be referring to?

It is a T3200M router