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Telus Optik On The Go does not work from web - Error LP1008


I was able to watch Optik on the go from my work laptop, however now when I attempt to login from my home PC or another laptop I am getting the 'Sorry Something Unexpected Happened LP1008' error.

The browser console is showing an authorization error 401.  Also I notice in the URL there is a device ID that is being passed to the app?  

Is the app being locked down to specific device that first watches it?  


I couldnt find anywhere in setting or under my account that shows any device set to Optik On The Go, could I please get some assistance with this?




Community Power User
Community Power User

A number of users have experienced this error. Apparently there is a reset which can be completed by Telus to clear it.

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Community Power User
Community Power User

Are you trying to log in with your Optik username and password or your Telus account username and password? I've found the Optik one to work more reliably. I've also had to hit Retry a few times before it accepted my login as well.

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I am using my telus account username/password.  I havent tried the optik account details, not sure what they are.

I followed the instructions to register my Optik account.  I recieved the email with the activation code.

I attempted to log in for the first time with the activation code and it took me to a Page Expired error message right away.  Ill try requesting a new Pin for the Optik account and I'll use a different browser with no cookies/cache cleared and lets see what happens..