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Telus Free TV 50UK6300 picture quality

Helpful Neighbour

Hey everyone.


Got my free LG 4k 50UK6300 today as part of signing up for Telus and, well, picture quality seems pretty poor.
Greenish tint, especially at angles, bad brightness and contrast and when you bump it up everything seems over exposed without ever hitting a nice saturation point.


Just wondering if anyone had similar experiences?


Oh and the lg remote doesn't seem to be compatible with the Telus Arris box... nice.  


Helpful Neighbour

I should mention I have tried several picture settings and some basic picture calibration along with a factory reset, but no luck. 

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Community Power User

The remotes from TVs never have been compatible with the set top boxes. You'll need to use the Telus remote for Optik. It's more a pain in the neck for smart TVs where you may end up having to use both. You can find the Telus remote setup instructions and codes here.


Many cases a greenish tint could be due to the cable or connection being used. If you see the green tint etc when on the Smart TV side and not Optik, it'll likely be something with the TV itself. You may have to contact LG regarding that as they would be the best source of help with the TV itself.



LG has a lot of information on their support site including quick and easy contact options (scroll down for those)

Hopefully they'll have a quick and easy fix. Let us know what happens. 🙂

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Nighthawk, you continue to be an invaluable source of information and made me approach this issue differently.


I played some YouTube videos from the built in app on the tv and the colour/quality seemed fine. 


I'm now looking at exactly the same image on the YouTube app from the TV versus the YouTube app from the Telus box and there is a weird offset, green colour, so that has to be something with the cable, box or HDMI channels on the tv.


I'll continue to investigate.

Helpful Neighbour



Tried two optik boxes and get exactly the same green tint.

Tried different HDMI cables: same result

Tried different HDMI cables in a laptop hooked up to computer and image is fine (had football matches playing and the green was horribly over-exposed on optik box but fine on laptop with all same picture settings.


I think I've boiled it down to the Optik boxes not working well with this free TV from telus (they worked fine on another LG TV I had) which leads me to believe at this point that Optik boxes don't work well with the screen technology in this TV which I think is VA (other TV is IPS).

I will continue to investigate. 

You get what you pay for.  Do a search on the model in question.


hy are you using the TV remote????  You should be using the telus remote!

I edited my post and the mesage says Edit was Successful.. NOT!  Same message appears as it was before editing... Please remove the post about remotes...


Compare the video on youtube with the built in TV app, then check the app on the telus box (4k) to see if there is a difference, perhaps use one of the test patterns or a static picture rich on reds. Compare the image, this will help you understand if the image issues are TV related or Input related. In my situation I found the issue was with the telus box. The youtube app on the tv itself looked perfect. 


Next I went into settings, tv, and select aspect ratio and I changed the image resolution from 4k, to 1080p. It was only then that I found how good this tv is, I did an update on the tv using a usb from lg directly, and also contacted support for telus. They were aware of this (why doesn't telus monitor this forum) and opened a ticket. Try it out and contact telus to make sure you are apart of that trouble ticket. 

Yes, Elijah, I did exactly that and the image is different!


Can you confirm what you mean by a USB direct from LG? I contact Telus a couple of weeks ago directly. They said they would send an engineer but they never did.


Thanks in advance,



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Community Power User

@Vgjfelix @ElijahPerrin was referring to a firmware update to the tv software from LG. The end user (you) can download the file onto a USB stick insert it into the TV and perform a software upgrade. 


More info can can be found on LGs website here.

If you do a little research, you will easily find that LG OLED and pOLED panels are very poor in quality.  Uneven colours and brightness across the panel are common and not considered a defect or warranty situation.  The V30 was so bad, LG went back to LCD technology for the G7. 


You can crank up the brightness, tweak the colours, and so on as much as you want.  You may eventually find settings that minimize the noticeability of the issue.  However, it will never be and come close to a Samsung and many other manufactures. 

The LG TV that the OP referred to is not an OLED! 

Yeah he has an LED TV not an OLED, LG OLED 55" is usually over $2000, Telus won't be giving those away any time soon.

I have had no resolution to the issue as of yet, LG identified the problem with telus and all troubleshooting has failed, the ticket is currently in telus hands to deal with. This is from lg, I called to get that it translated and they just said its on telus side


Hi Elijah, 

I received a reply from our technical team about the pictures on your tv. Here is the reply: 

The UHD TV’s panel is native 4K. A HD signal may look better than an up-converted UHD signal. It depends on the quality of the up-scaler circuit in the Set-Top-Box vs the up-scaler in the UHD TV. 
In the pictures provided the content is not mastered in 4K. If the customer perceives the HD signal looks better than the up-converted 4K signal it simply means the TV is doing a better job up-converting the signal. Remember, the UHD TV's panel’s native display rate is 4K. 
If the customer has high speed internet (>25 MBS), and wishes to see the real capability of his UHD TV he can check YouTube. Search 4K demo videos and use the “Stats for Nerds” function in the Settings. 

In summary, to view real 4K requires 4K mastered content, carried on 4K signal, displayed on a 4K TV 


LG Customer Service 

LOL now they want to replace the tv with a new one, lets hope that works.


Check out 716, channel called txp4khdr, with 4k enabled looks perfect, only channel on this service that looks good with 4k enabled on this tv, same?